Friday, May 13, 2011


Large ketones really have a way of raining on my parade!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Excuse me, Miss

So I'm standing in line the other day at Chick-fil-A waiting to order some food for the family.  I could feel this old man checking me out.  I was doing my best to ignore him ogling my legs.  I had just finished Zumba, so I kinda was feeling toned.  So who could really blame him? Next I felt him lean into me.  I was just about to get pissed as he said, "Excuse me, Miss.  You have a glucometer strip stuck to the back of your leg".  I smiled and thanked him, all the while being glad he wasn't a pervert after all. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Polar Bear, Polar Bear

My heart broke and giggled all at the same time when I saw this picture outside of Maya's preschool class. Her contribution to the list stands out just a little. At times like these, I wonder if I've explained too much to her.  I wish I could have seen the look on the teacher's face as Maya shouted out "Pancreas!". :) 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Around 11:15 at work on Friday, my cell phone range.  Marimba ringtone.  Shit! Maya's preschool. They never call me at this time.  I answered quickly to hear a very panicked Miss A on the line.

"Elaine! Elaine!" (She spouted out something incoherent).

My heart was on the floor.  Immediately my mind went to the big S word. Seizure.

"What? I can't understand you.  Is everything ok?". (pushing down the urge to vomit)

"I'm sorry.  I'm calm. I'm calm.  I forgot to give Maya her bolus after snack.  I'm so sorry.  What do I do???"

(insert gigantic sigh of relief)

To say I was elated is a huge understatement.  I wanted to drive to her preschool just to give the teacher a hug.  Being a preschool teacher is hard enough.  An occasional forgotten bolus is something I can deal with. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mommy Munchies

time: 9:05 p.m.
place: my kitchen

After a reading of her favorite Five Little Monkeys book, Maya is finally sound asleep.  I'm hoping she didn't notice that I was reading a little faster than normal.  My mind was elsewhere.  My mind was in the kitchen.  There's a batch of freshly baked brownies with my name on it.  You've heard that old expression, right? When the cat with diabetes is away, the mice will play.  This is the only time I can down a sugary sweet in my house and not hide in the closet.  I savor every bite.  A voice in the back of my head wonders if Maya got diabetes because I love sweets so much.  Now that is just silly.  Then I start to feel a little sad that Maya will never get to eat half(!) a batch of brownies without worrying about her blood sugar.  So you know what I do when I'm feeling a little sad?  I eat another brownie.  And it's good.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

husband in for the assist

Once again, I have realized just how thankful I am that my husband is here on earth to help me manage Maya's diabetes.  I have no idea what she had for breakfast, let alone how many carbs were in it.  I completely trust that he calculated and bolused everything correctly. 

This is a good thing. 

The controlling part of me wants to call him at work and make sure he did... but I won't.  It's not one of those days.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Diabetes on the brain

Who am I kidding? I have another blog that is suppose to be all cheery about my family, but what is really on my brain 24/7? Mmm hmm, stupid, effing, diabetes.  So this will by my outlet so I don't bore/worry/frighten others.  Will this blog be pessimestic, positive, funny, sad, agitated, hopeful? Probably all of it.

So here's a BIG HUG to anyone reading.  I know it means you either have diabetes or love someone with it.